I am looking for a smaller desk for my office. Thank you!
looking for a circular brush attachment for vacuum cleaner. Thank you for reading!!!
My bike got stolen and I have not got around to purchasing another. I am about 5'1" and would appreciate your help! Thank you
Anyone have any visors that they don't use? Thank you for reading!!!
Looking for wedding decorations to keep me on budget and wondering if anyone has any brightly colored Mexican blankets. Thank you.
I am looking for bed frames for either twin or full beds. I prefer frames that extend from one size to another. Thank you
Hello, Our school could use these items if you are ready to part with them. Thank you in advance for considering: Shade plants (preferably native but we might take others) Wheelbarrows Garden shovels Gardening gloves for children Watering cans
just looking for sand for kids to play with. Thanks!
Looking for two twin mattresses thats in good condition my girls. There bed broke and going to a bunk bed now
Looking for cactus plants, if you have any I would be happy to pick them up, thank you.
I m looking for a clip lanyard for my keycard at work. I know many times people get them at conferences or trade shows. I d like to find a plain one... no company names or advertising, if possible. We now have added security at work and I ve realized that I don t always have pockets and really would like to wear it around my neck. I ve been unable to find one in a store. Thank you?
My son is looking for any miscellaneous Lego bricks to use with stop motion filming. They do not need to be a full set. Thanks!
Have a wedding coming up and need to accommodate more guests and am looking for a twin size air mattress. Thank you for your consideration.
Hello: Wondering if anyone here has a working car battery (for a 4 cylinder vehicle) they don't want or need? Thanks
Just looking for a working CD player that my kids can listen to books during rest. Thanks!!